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Our next potential theme for Season 2 of HITRECORD ON TV is RE: Language - RECord your thoughts, write a story, draw a picture, or make a song regarding this theme.


ALL ARTISTS: Write a story, draw a picture, or make a song regarding this theme.

EVERYONE W/ A CAMERARECord a video testimonial regarding this theme, or specifically answer:

  • "Is Language unique to us humans? Or do other animals have their own Language? Be specific."
  • "Is Language instinctual? Or is it learned and influenced by culture? And how does it affect our culture - does it change the way we think?"
  • "What do you think is so special about standard American English? Do you think it is superior to other dialects? Please give examples."
  • "What are your thoughts on Profanity and its uses? Be specific."
  • "Do you speak any Foreign Languages? How have Language Barriers affected you with regards to communication? Tell us a story."


Contribute to the “RE: LANGUAGE” collab HERE!

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